Our locations are characterized by excellent accessibility by road and water. Each of the three sites is very spacious and offers ample opportunities for future expansion.

SFP Zeeland (Westdorpe)

Biomethane installation

The installation in Westdorpe converts organic residual flows from the agricultural sector into biogas through fermentation. The biogas is then cleaned and upgraded to biomethane. The biomethane is fed into the natural gas network where it then ends up at the households.

Specifications in brief:

  • Anaerobic fermentation
  • Production: 40 miljoen m3 biomethane per year
  • Supply of biomethane to 25,000 households
  • Composting
  • Water purification

SFP Friesland (Harlingen)

Bio-LNG installation

The first bio-LNG is being built on the Lange Lijnbaan on the site of the industrial port in Harlingen. The input for this installation will consist of residual flows from the agricultural sector. Biogas is produced in the installation, which is then upgraded to green gas. The biomethane is then cooled to -162oC, where the gas changes into the liquid phase. This is how bio-LNG is created. This bio-fuel is then supplied to various customers.

  • Start construction: 2023
  • Expected commissioning: 2024
  • Input: 100% vegetable residual flows
  • Port location
  • Synergy with surrounding companies

SFP Groningen (Farmsum)

Bio-LNG installation

This installation will be identical to the installation in Harlingen

This makes it possible to exchange personnel at the different locations.

  • Start construction: 2023
  • Expected commissioning: 2024
  • Input: 100% vegetable residual flows


  • 2020Incorporation of SFP Group

    Erik Brouwer and Niels Peters decide to build a production location for Bio-LNG together in Friesland (Harlingen) and the plan soon follows to also look for land in the Delfzijl area for a second installation. That place is found in Farmsum.
  • 2021Acquisition of AGE plant

    As of January 1, the already operational biomethane installation in Westdorpe (Zeeland) was acquired, making SFP Zeeland a fact.
  • 20222022Opening Uden office

  • 2022Doubling the capacity of SFP Zeeland

  • 2023Start construction SFP Groningen

  • 2023Start construction SFP Friesland

  • 2024Start Production SFP Friesland & Groningen





Optimal access via road and water. But not only that, SFP also strives for good communication by actually being "reachable".


SFP develops all projects in such a way that synergy with surrounding companies can be created and that no nuisance is caused to local residents.


In order to realize our ambitious plans, it is necessary that the installations are as flexible as possible.


A good infrastructure is important for the supply of residual flows and the disposal of our products.